8 Track Transfers

8 Track Audio Tape Transfers

Though unlikely many people have this format of audio still laying around, there is the possibility that someone might have important information on an 8 Track tape because this format was in the public as a recordable format which means there may be some tape with information worth converting to a new media format.


Converting your 8 Track tapes to digital audio is as simple as sending your tapes to Media Preserve. (Contact Us for details and shipping address 801-785-2131 or see our Contact page) Once we receive your tapes, we will digitize them and enhance the audio and create a file which can them be downloaded by you from the link we will send you or we can send the audio files to you on optical disk or USB stick.

Below is an example of a restored 8 Track voice recording:

8 track restored voice enhanced Spanish


8 Track Restored Voice Audio

8 Track Restored Voice Audio

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