DV Tape Transfers

Digital Video Tape Transfers


Just before everything went to Flash Memory, High Definition Video Tape was the next best thing in video recording.  It came in various flavors.  The flavors we transfer at Media Preserve are as follows:

DVCAM, Mini DV Standard and High Definition & Digital-8

All formats are transferred to the new format of your choice:

Blu-Ray, DVD, Flash Memory, Hard Drive and Downloadable Files.

The most common CODECS & Containers for the digital file versions are MP4, H264/5, MPEG2, MTS, MT2, .DV, MOV, AVI.  We will transfer your digital video to other CODEC formats at your request.

The process is relatively easy…  Just send in your tapes and we will return them along with the new transferred digital files on your medium of choice.  Our favorite Archival/Edit CODEC of choice is Canopus HQ and HQX.  This CODEC can withstand up to 30 digital transcode/copies with very little quality loss.

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