Vinyl Record Transfers

Vinyl Record Audio Transfers

Vinyl Records were the thing for many many years.  They are the child of the original cylinder recordings.  They were more reliable and durable.  They came in multiple formats including: Thick 78 RPM records, Small 45RPM records, Larger 33RPM long play records, Recordable home use records and the same home use records that played in reverse order.  There were also Transcription Records which were unusually larger in diameter from 12 inches up to 20 inches in diameter.  Often Transcription records were 78 rpm speeds but some were also 33 rpm.

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When transferring records, it is important to use stable speed turntables, quartz locked, to maintain perfect speed…  It is also important to use the correct diamond for the particular speed of the record as the grooves of each speed are different in width sizes.

There are weaknesses in the vinyl format and that is, it can become damaged, scratched, warped or even cracked.  We specialize in transferring these records with damage.  Scratches, pops and clicks cannot be completely removed but we can bring the quality of a damaged record to a much higher level of program material with our specialized algorithms designed to preserve the program and eliminate the damage.

Here is a 16 inch record, digitized and enhanced to provide the best sound possible without any of the original damage and noise present on the record..  There is one spot where the record cutter did not go deep enough and cause additional noise near the end of the fist side of the record.  See if you can discover where that portion is.

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Two audio examples below: Compare the drastic difference in clarity.  Play only one file at a time as they can be played simultaneously.

This was a record covered in some contaminant and tons of dust.  It went through our specialized cleaning process.


This was the same record covered in the contaminant and tons of dust.  It went through our specialized cleaning process but then went through our digital enhancing process as well.


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