Beta-VHS-8mm Video Transfers

Beta-VHS-8mm Video Transfers


There came a time in history when the commercial Reel to Reel Video recorder was not an acceptable video format for home users who wanted a way to record their favorite TV shows and movies.   Sony was the first to the table with a solution…  They called it Alpha…  Not long into the research of Alpha did they find that the design was unacceptable for their desired product outcome…  They sold that technology to JVC who in turn developed it into a viable solution and renamed it VHS.  Meanwhile Sony pursued their improved system called Beta and went to marked with it.  It is possible that the one major mistake they made in their coming to market was their first mistake called Alpha which after being renamed and reworked eventually became the killer of Beta and soon took over the market.

As Sony conceded their loss, they however did not give up the effort to become the winner and so emerged the 8mm Video system.  All in all the analog’s most common systems became Beta, VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, 8mm and Hi-8mm.  Once these systems started down the road of history, the Digital age was well into operation and would soon take over the video market.

Media Preserve specializes it bringing your old analog video into the future by transferring and converting to DVD, Blu-Ray and other digital file formats suitable for high quality editing and viewing.  Just send in your tapes…  We do the rest of the magic and you specify what medium you would like your new and improved digital video returned to you on.

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