Photos to Video

Photos to Video


Once photos have been digitized & color corrected, the next step is to create an fun video from those images combined with music or narration.  Below is an example of family photos being used to create a splendid cute video of a little girl growing up.


How easy is it to have a Photo Video created and in your hands?  Very easy…  There are two ways to have the process work for you:

  1.  If you are technical minded and have already had your photos digitized, you can upload them to our server along with your favorite music files.  From that point we create a custom video tailored to your wishes.  You can then receive that video by getting a download link which will allow you to download the new video and use it in your own process to create a DVD, Blu-Ray or play it directly with your device or we will ship you the final mastered DVD or Blu-Ray.
  2.  If you would rather not deal with technology but are comfortable in sending a package with your photos, we will digitize them, color correct them and create the fun video for you and then return the photos with your new DVD or Blu-Ray or memory stick with the digital video file.

An instruction sheet will be availablr for download on this page as we work to complete the new face lift on the MediaPreserve website.  Until then please contact us for details on how to proceed.

801-785-2131 or use or Contact page.