Media Preserve

Media Restoration Since 1976

We preserve most any old media format even if it is degrading and create new archives that last 1000 years plus.

Media Preserve has been in business for over 40 years.  We may not always have been know by that name but we have been around for a very long time.  Our Production Studios “Illusion Productions” have been in operation since 1982 and we as a Media Preserve company have been in operation since 1976.

We specialize in preserving media that eventually will become too old to be useful.  Our process is State of the Art and actually enhances the quality of the original depending on how degraded the original is.  We never over process any media transfer but we do improve the audio and video signals to achieve a better clarity when needed.  Once the digital processing is done and we feel that we have captured the best possible representation of the original or better, we master the new information onto your choice of new media storage formats.  The most common formats for currently preserving restored and transferred media are the following:

New Master Formats Used in Preserving Old Media:

1000 Year Blu-Ray Discs

1000 Year DVD Discs




Hard Drives

Solid State Storage


Among the old media formats we are currently restoring, transferring and preserving are the following:


U-Matic Video Tape,  VHS Video Tape,  S-VHS Video Tape,  VHS-C Video Tape,  Beta I  II  and III Video Tape,  DV Cam Video Tape,  Mini DV Video Tape,  High Definition HDDV Video Tape,  Laser Disc Video,  Video CD,  DVD,  Mini DVD,  Blu-Ray,  SD Memory Card Video,  Check Out Video Upscaling


Mini Disc, DAT Tape, PCM Digital Adapter, Cassette Tape, 8 Track Tape, Reel To Reel, Vinyl Records

We often update our website live…  There may be added information when we find new tech we like that will benefit your needs so don’t despair if a page changes sometimes just a little bit .  Please feel free to contact us at:


We are friendly folks and are happy to discuss any questions or needs you might need help with.  We are considered a specialty media restoration company and our goal is to create from your old media, a digital version that is at least twice as good if not even better than the original without taking away from the original content.  In fact if you desire you can get the basic original along with the enhanced version.  We have been around since 1976 doing what we do best but if there is something you would like to see us try that is a new concept, let us know and we will work to make the magic happen.  Well, have a look around at our menu and if you find a page with minimal information, we are probably adding new goodies to it soon.  Have a GREAT DAY!

(Contact Us for details and shipping address 801-785-2131 or see our Contact page)