Film Transfers

Film Transfers

16mm Silent Film, 16mm Sound Film Optical & Magnetic, 8mm Film, Super 8mm Film & Sound

Our Film Transfer process uses a special method called “AIR TRANSFER” This method allows versatility in the final product which results in SD quality for DVD and HD quality for Blu-Ray Video and 4K.  “AIR TRANSFER” renders out a visual transfer with no hot spots or dark edges…  No Flicker and no jitter and there is no risk of burning through your film as the bright light source is a cold light source.

All Film Transfers undergo color correction and are mastered to Blu-Ray and DVD or your choice of Hard Drive or 1000 year archival media, Flash Memory or Downloadable files.  You may request various CODECS if your have special professional needs.  We recommend the best CODEC for high quality and editing as GV HQ or HQX.

Let’s look at some of the most common film formats to help you determine what you might have and the best process to bring the highest quality to your precious film.  Let’s compare the images below to what you have:

If none of these look familiar, then you have one of the many not as common films.  A simple picture of your film emailed to us will help you to identify what you have.  Simply request our Film Lab email (on our Contact Page) and we will help in identifying your film format.

The digitizing process involves film cleaning, Air Transfer to digital and it is at this moment that if you request, your film can be enhanced to exhibit a wide screen more modern format that displays nicely on modern flat screen monitors.  You can also select from Standard, High Definition and 4K final digital formats.  Color correction is also an option, though we do a basic color correction of the entire film anyway.

We also specialize in restoration of film that has many dust and scratch defects as well as jump edits which can occur from original feature film editing.  This is a noticeable hop of the film frame during each scene cut.

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