Disc & Data Transfers

memory-cardsTodays pace in preserving images, documents, video, audio and much more has given the world a wonderful step forward in managing how we record and save information.  With the advent of digital media comes the methods for capturing and saving of this modern age…  “Solid State” …  This buzzword is the icon of success as it means using new mediums which can be written to and erased over and over again.  The amount of storage just keeps rising each year and the speed at which it can be done also improves.

The flaw however in this new medium is “Vulnerability”.  Because the newest forms of media storage rely on some form of electronic engineering, the weakness with electronics is indeed the “Weak Link” as it can be corrupted, static destroyed and easily and accidentally be erased.  Hard drives, Memory cards, USB thumb drives, Solid state drives and even the cloud are all susceptible to permanent data loss.

If it were possible to engrave all of the vulnerable data onto plates of gold, we would have nothing to worry about except for cost.

Well it is possible and economical to archive any kind of digital data onto a modern day version of gold plates.Archives-Compaired

Why is this entire thought process so important to safeguarding data against loss?  Because it converts electronic reliant data into self sustained and preserved mechanical data that will last for more than 1000 years.

Those who feel that the latest speediest and largest new forms of data management are the best and even the only way to go can very well find themselves in a state of panic when the disaster finally strikes what they have believed was safe archiving.  If it is historically important, then it is worth avoiding altogether the possibility of permanent data loss.

Our 1000 year process has been subjected to long term underwater, extreme heat, super magnetic interference, brilliant UV overexposure, high force gravity shocks and more without any data loss.  If you really want to destroy one of our archives, might we suggest using a Blendtec or a Flamethrower?

Storage however is important.  The preservation material is rated well beyond 1000 years but it is possible to distort the outer layer if you store it against a rough surface and apply heat over time…  Hence a good case that holds the media suspended away from surface contact will assure a near eternal preservation.

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