DAT Digital Audio Tape


Finally a digital audio recording format that was truly portable.  Though other attempts were previously tried, it wasn’t until the DAT Recorder came along that the devices became small enough and high quality enough to be used in professional applications.  Because of the widespread acceptance of this format professionally, many masters and on-location recordings were captured on the DAT format.  The importance of DAT for a medium that provided a vast array of professional recording that made it into the market as high grade productions, DAT will be a format for years to come where amazing little secrets might pop up over the years of historic popular beginnings.

Media Preserve is well versed in delivering exact transfers of Digital Audio Tape recordings and preserving them solidly for the next 1000 years on a medium that pretty much will last forever.

Delivering your tape to Media Preserve will result in a speedy turn around and a perfect long term new media worthy of playback for many many years to come.  Your choice of delivered formats from optical disc to digital files…  Simply request any other format needs and your wish is our command.

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